Alternative Curricula

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You're warmly invited to join a monthly reading group, set up to explore decolonial and post-colonial theories.  

Everyone from any background is welcome. You don’t need to be a member of a university, or to have ever joined the group before.  

You are welcome to join at any time, and there’s no expectation that you should attend every session.  

The only thing we expect is for members to listen to, and show respect for, each other and for the group. 

About the group 

In this group, we try to supplement the Eurocentricity of our school and university curricula by focusing on writers from the Majority World (i.e., not Europe and North America), and writers who identify as Black and/or as people of colour. 

Each month's topic is on a different theme, and crosses different academic disciplines. Previous themes have included: language, race, capitalism, postcolonial nostalgia and how to understand decolonisation.  

We circulate 2-3 readings in advance of each session for members to read, and then discuss them as a group.  

The group is convened by Achas Burin and Yasmeen Arif, both PhD students at the University of Oxford. 

When and where 

Discussions will take place each month during Oxford university terms.  

For more information, please follow us on Twitter @altcurricula or visit our website.