The Blavatnik School of Government

The Blavatnik School of Government is one of the newest departments of the University of Oxford. Its vision is for a world better led, better served and better governed. Since our inception, we have been purposefully global in approach, recruiting students from all over the world and drawing lessons from all parts of the globe. 

Students from over 120 different countries have joined the School since 2012, when our flagship degree programme, the Master in Public Policy (MPP), was launched. In any single year, our MPP students represent significant national and cultural diversity (coming from 50–70 different countries), ethnic diversity (two thirds of our students are from Black, Asian or other non-white ethnic groups) and diversity of experience. There is similar diversity in our executive education programmes, with participants up to the pinnacle of seniority. The way students learn from and challenge one another is perhaps the central feature of the Blavatnik School learning experience.

In a typical year three-quarters of our MPP cohort and all of our doctoral cohort is fully funded, allowing us to draw students from many different backgrounds. 

The Blavatnik School aspires to curate and to share learning from across the world for the betterment of individual citizens. Our curriculum and our research are problem-focused and seek to derive lessons for better government from countries all around the globe. Our students, academic faculty, administrative staff, visitors and alumni constitute a mission-led community where the diversity of perspectives support mutual and collaborative learning that is applied to real-world challenges.