Oriel College

Oriel College and Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902)

In June 2020, Oriel College commissioned the formation of an independent Commission of Inquiry tasked with considering the Cecil Rhodes statue overlooking Oxford’s High Street and associated issues including how to improve access, attendance and experiences of BAME undergraduate, graduate students and faculty at Oriel College. The College’s Governing Body expressed its wish to see the Cecil Rhodes statue and a commemorative plaque on King Edward Street removed, but the Commission has licence to consider a full range of options for the statue. The formation of this Commission followed a period of renewed protest about the Rhodes statue in May and June of 2020, and the ongoing national debate about Britain’s colonial history and its legacy.

The Commission is due to report to Oriel’s Governing Body in late January 2020, and more information about its scope and membership can be found at www.oriel-rhodes-commission.co.uk.  

This entry will be updated once the work of the Commission is complete.